pic equipeTeam work
Teamwork among ECOTHANE has a double meaning: internal and external.

At ECOTHANE, we know that 1 + 1 = 3. To create this synergy, management of ECOTHANE ensures an adequate working environment: Commitment, listening, fairness, freedom and creativity.
These constitute our inner strength, and allow us to respond externally to the needs of our customers.

pic respecterRespect
ECOTHANE comes to the environment, since it is part of its business activities in the energy transition of the 21st century!
The biogas energy is positioned at the heart of sustainable development:
- Its impact is almost zero for the climate, because it only returns to the atmosphere the CO2 that had been taken earlier. Its implementation within the territory guarantees a local economic development and is improving our energy independence.
pic innoverInnovate
Innovation for ECOTHANE is not a myth: It is a daily process, which starts with our customers' needs to provide them with new solutions and answer their problems.
By its agility, ECOTHANE is able to provide innovative solutions in terms of technology, economic and also human.
The creativity and experience of our team enable to provide challenging and relevant solutions for your projects.
pic energieEnergy
Being an actor: For ECOTHANE the "why" and "what for" outweighs the "how."
For example, we will prefer not to sell, rather than providing a solution non-100% adequate or that would go against the economic, ecological, or our sense of ethics.

This sense, and well-being of our staff, enables creativity to meet the energy challenges of tomorrow.